Tasting Heaven in the Backyard

Our 20 month-old Titus, a brute of a boy, was churning his chunky legs up the grassy hill with a determined, yet jovial look on his face. He was on mission to find a Black and Decker toy drill. He is a boy’s boy. Tools, balls, trucks, tractors, dirt, collisions. He was in heaven. We were hanging out with close friends of ours in their backyard. As we watched Titus, and the other five kids in the backyard, I said that I love seeing my children happy. Titus prowled the backyard for balls and rocks and drills. And he was happy. My daughters were rolling … Continue reading Tasting Heaven in the Backyard

Heaven, a World of Love

Jonathan Edwards is often referred to as one of the greatest minds America has ever produced. He was a theologian and philosopher, yes. But most of all, he was pastor. His writing and and speaking and ministry did not happen in a classroom or an ivory tower. His sermons prove this. He is most famous for his sermon “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God.” But Edwards didn’t only preach on God’s anger. Far from it. He talked more about God’s glory, the beauty of Christ, and love. One of the better Edwards’ sermons I have read is “Heaven, a World of … Continue reading Heaven, a World of Love

Heaven is for Real and I don’t need a 4-year old to tell me

Full disclosure before you read: I have not read or seen Heaven is for Real, and I probably will not in the future. Today, the feature film Heaven is for Real hits theaters across the country and it will, no doubt, make a box-office splash. The film is based on the book of the same title—a book which is the #1 selling so-called “Christian” book of the past decade. Everyone, including Evangelicals, are going ga-ga over this movie. “Finally,” some think, “something’s gaining traction that shows heaven and God are real!” No, it is not evidence. This is not good for the church or the culture. … Continue reading Heaven is for Real and I don’t need a 4-year old to tell me

Monday Miscellanies: Happiness in Heaven

A guest post by Jonathan Edwards 95. Happiness in Heaven When the body enjoys the perfections of health and strength, the motion of the animal spirits are not only brisk and free, but also harmonious; there is a regular proportion in the motion from all parts of the body, that begets delight in the soul and makes the body feel pleasantly all over—God has so excellently contrived the nerves and parts of the human body. But few men since the fall, especially since the flood, have health to so great a perfection as to have much of this harmonious motion. … Continue reading Monday Miscellanies: Happiness in Heaven

The Future Hope of Advent

For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind. (Isaiah 65:17) The Israelites were a people in-between the times. They had been given all the promises of God and a promised land in which to dwell (Rom. 9:4). But they were awaiting the advent of their Messiah. All those who truly loved and worshiped Yahweh and had faith in the Savior’s coming inherited salvation, but it was not final.  The first advent of Jesus–his birth in a grungy manger in a village called Bethlehem–was the beginning of … Continue reading The Future Hope of Advent

Making All the Sad Things Untrue

A message on John 11:17-27 and Rev. 21:1-4 given to the Brookside Church Senior High Ministry in Omaha, Nebraska. Over the past two months, I have been surrounded by tragedy, yet curiously, I have not been directly affected.  Some of these tragedies have happened to close friends, and others of them have happened all over the world. A third-cousin, who I am very close to, lost his wife to cancer which was so aggressive that she only had it for about 6 months. My wife and I have friends in our small group who have not been able to get … Continue reading Making All the Sad Things Untrue