Is the Old Testament Reliable History?

Is the Bible true historically? Specifically the Old Testament? This is a big question people who love the Bible face from time to time. Some people argue that the Old Testament is reliable in what it teaches theologically about God and man, but not historically. That is, these people argue that the Old Testament is not…

The Trailer for Lincoln

This November, a new film about Abraham Lincoln, aptly titled Lincoln, will be released. The film is by Steven Spielberg. (Knowing Spielberg’s recent history, I just hope that aliens don’t show up at the end to ruin it.) In all seriousness, the film has an all-star cast and looks to be a winner. Thankfully, Spielberg’s version looks…

New Blog for Historic Documents of the Faith

I want to learn more about the classic creeds, confessions, and catechisms of the Christian faith. I searched the internet for a daily email (or RSS feed) so I could work my way through a catechism. I didn’t find anything! So I started a blog called Christo Confessions to provide that. I will update it once…

You won’t really learn about Christianity if you don’t read the Bible.

Anyone who seeks to discover the secret of Christianity is inevitably driven to the Bible, because Christianity is based on something which happened in the past, the incarnation of God in Christ at a definite point in history. The Bible records this event. – Roland H. Bainton, Here I Stand: A Life of Martin Luther

Union Building (Pretoria)

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