Blood:Water Mission

One of my favorite ministries is Blood:Water Mission.  Their mission is simple: Empower communities to work together against the HIV/AIDS and water crisis.  They were founded by the band Jars of Clay.  Here’s a taste of what they are all about: IT’S A BEAUTIFUL STORY. We’re a group of passionate people who have been inspired by our friends in Africa, friends who face unbearable challenges from the HIV/AIDS and water crises. We creatively and thoughtfully raise awareness and the necessary funds for the provision of clean blood and clean water in sub-Saharan Africa. Blood:Water Mission first stepped into funding a late … Continue reading Blood:Water Mission

South Africa, Sex, and HIV

Here in South Africa, the Universities of Joburg and Pretoria are in their last week of exams, so we are taking advantage of the free time by spending the whole week at Beam Africa Development Center training the teens on abstinence and HIV/AIDS prevention. I’ve never taught a sex education class before, and this is about ten times harder because the kids aren’t native American English speakers and few have parents to discipline them well.  We have to be very deliberate in our choice of words.  We have to be lovingly stern as we call them to behave properly.  And, … Continue reading South Africa, Sex, and HIV