Pastoral Environment and the Fight for Holiness

My heart was deeply saddened yesterday when I heard about another resignation of a well-known pastor of a mega-church. This time, it was Tullian Tchividjian, pastor at Coral Ridge in Miami. This came about, he said, because of ongoing marital issues. His wife admitted to adultery. He developed an “inappropriate relationship” with someone in the aftermath of the news from his wife. God is grieved by this, that church will be greatly affected, and two people (Tullian and his wife) must deal with the destructive effects of sin. It breaks my heart. But I believe God is gracious and he can bring redemption to … Continue reading Pastoral Environment and the Fight for Holiness

The Utter Relief of Holiness Review

John Eldredge. The Utter Relief of Holiness: How God’s Goodness Frees Us from Everything that Plagues Us. New York: Faith Works 2013. 208 pp. $19.99. Reviewer’s Note: At the outset, let me say that this is the first John Eldredge book I have read. I am not unfamiliar with the claims that Eldredge is a bad Bible teacher at best and a heretic at worst. The point of this review isn’t to put those kinds of labels on him, but to simply examine his take on holiness as presented in his recent book. At the same time, I have read … Continue reading The Utter Relief of Holiness Review

Monday Miscellanies: Rewards

A guest post by Jonathan Edwards 168. Rewards How is it said that our happiness is the reward of holiness and good works, and yet that we are made happy wholly and solely for the sake of Christ? I answer, ’tis not solely by Christ that we have holiness and good works given us, but ’tis only by him that our holiness and good works are capable of a reward. He purchased holiness for us, which is indeed not different from happiness; and he purchased that they should be capable of a reward, and should be rewarded, yea that their … Continue reading Monday Miscellanies: Rewards

Don’t Be Trite with the Gospel

Here are a couple of good posts warning us to beware of using “the gospel” as some sort of catch-all spiritual pill we drop on people without any context or specifics: Thabiti Anyabwile: I’m Tired of Hearing “The Gospel” (Warning: Mild Rant) Kevin DeYoung: The Hole In Our Holiness: A Friendly Rejoinder to Gavin Ortlund The gist of these articles is that when someone has a problem, struggles with a sin, is tempted by sin, or faces a trial, etc. we cannot just say, “Believe the gospel!” or “Remember the gospel!” Thabiti and Kevin both argue (rightly, in my opinion) that we … Continue reading Don’t Be Trite with the Gospel

Baxter on the Nature and Motive of Personal Oversight for Pastors

Puritan pastor Richard Baxter gives pastors five keys to personal oversight and eight keys as to why personal oversight should be given in his classic text The Reformed Pastor: The Nature of Oversight Take heed to see that the work of saving grace be thoroughly wrought in your own souls. Take heed to keep your graces active, and that you preach to yourself the sermons you study, before you preach them to others. Take heed so you don’t unsay with your life what you say with your mouth. Take heed so you don’t commit the sins you preach against. Take … Continue reading Baxter on the Nature and Motive of Personal Oversight for Pastors