A Few Thoughts on R-Rated Movies

A friend and co-worker asked me today if I had any thoughts on R-rated movies. Since I have an opinion on everything, I gave my opinion to him. I probably don’t think about this as much as I should, and with a baby in the house, we simply don’t have the time to watch as…

The Keith Green Story

Keith Green died 29 years ago today. He was 28 years old.  Here is an hour-long video about his life.

William Wallace: The Christ Figure

Many films have a “Christ figure,” that is, a character who is savior-like. This person is usually larger-than-life and often fights for a cause, atones for wrongdoing,  redeems hurting and broken people, or even sacrifices his own life for the good of others. In the movie Braveheart we see William Wallace do all those and…

James Cameron Has Nothing on the True Beauty Creator

From World Magazine: But what about those tentacle-like extensions Pandorans have that allow them to forge spiritual bonds with every other living thing on their planet? Wouldn’t that be cool? It would—and we have something even better. It’s called image-bearing: God breathing His own life into humanity and setting men and women apart from the…

Is that…? (#5)

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Is that…? (#4)

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