Monday (Just Before Noon) Humor

There were probably state and federal laws broken for taking video in the bathroom, but I’m thankful it happened: HT: Kevin DeYoung

Monday Morning Humor

What happened in the Coliseum to Christians was not funny. But the things we say to people when communicating the gospel can be humorous (and extremely misleading!). Let’s think about what we say before calling people to “come and die” for the cause of Christ. 

Your mom wants to subscribe to my blog.

Happy Mother’s Day, fellow bloggers and readers. I hope today was as good for you as it was for my wife and me. What better way to finish the weekend than by subscribing to the blog?  If you already subscribe, perhaps you can invite your mom–or someone else–to do the same?  After all, it’s free. What are…

Soccer is for wimps…try rugby.

Sorry I’ve been silent for a while.  In honor of the World Cup that starts June 11, I thought this would be a fitting video — or maybe not so fitting? HT: Abraham Piper

Happy Boss’s Day

Make sure you wish the head honcho a Happy Boss’s Day today.  I bet you didn’t know there was such a thing. And now I bet you wish you didn’t know.