How Martin Luther Interpreted the Bible

History is full of giants of the faith who have immensely helped the church interpret the Bible properly. One giant in particular stands out: Martin Luther. Along with John Calvin, Luther is perhaps most loved for his radical Christ-centeredness when it comes to Bible interpretation. He’s prominent because God used him at such a vital crossroads in church history. As one of the driving forces of the Reformation, Luther helped Christians refocus biblical hermeneutics back to the text of Scripture and away from the authority of the church. Let’s briefly look at his hermeneutical method. Luther’s method for interpretation, if named anything, … Continue reading How Martin Luther Interpreted the Bible

Quoting the Non-Quotes of Scripture

CNN ran on article titled “Actually, that’s not in the Bible” on their Belief Blog on June 5.  The blog talks about how the Bible is “the most revered book in America” but is also the most misquoted. The blog is on target–except when the writer quotes Kevin Dunn (Tufts University) and Sidnie White Crawford, one of my former professors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Regarding the popular thought that “Satan in the guise of a serpent tempts Eve to pick the forbidden apple from the Tree of Life,” Dunn says, “Genesis mentions nothing but a serpent…Not only does the text not mention Satan, the … Continue reading Quoting the Non-Quotes of Scripture

Bible Arcing

I found a great tool online today to help with Biblical exegesis.  It’s called  The website has a 40-step tutorial to introduce you to “arching.”  Arching is a process of taking a Scripture passage and dividing it up according to its different thoughts and displays how thoughts are related to each other. The grammar and logical flow are meshed together to figure out what the author is saying. I’d encourage you to check it out.  I’m currently going through the series of videos online.  Lord willing, this will bear much fruit for a lifetime of ministry. Continue reading Bible Arcing