Tasting Heaven in the Backyard

Our 20 month-old Titus, a brute of a boy, was churning his chunky legs up the grassy hill with a determined, yet jovial look on his face. He was on mission to find a Black and Decker toy drill. He is a boy’s boy. Tools, balls, trucks, tractors, dirt, collisions. He was in heaven. We were hanging out with close friends of ours in their backyard. As we watched Titus, and the other five kids in the backyard, I said that I love seeing my children happy. Titus prowled the backyard for balls and rocks and drills. And he was happy. My daughters were rolling … Continue reading Tasting Heaven in the Backyard

What Should Family Worship Look Like?

As a father of two daughters (one outside the womb and one inside), I am continually thinking about the gospel-shaped environment of our home. Carly and I want our girls to grow up dazzled by the grace of God in the gospel. As the husband and father, it is my divinely-ordained joy and duty to pray about and plan intentional opportunities to cultivate a “gospel culture” in our home. (If you are a single mom or the wife of an unbeliever, keep reading. I hope this will be helpful to you, too!) The problem is that if I don’t plan … Continue reading What Should Family Worship Look Like?

God Loves His Little Pharisees and Prodigals

Part 2 in a 4 part series. View series intro and index. In my last post, I made the point that in raising children and teaching them the Bible, the goal is not to make them nice kids who obey the rules. All people, including our children, are sinners who need a Redeemer who will rescue and deliver them from God’s wrath. No amount of rule keeping will make us right with God. If we truly believe that, it should drastically alter the way we raise our kids and instruct them at home and in church. At the risk of over-generalization, most … Continue reading God Loves His Little Pharisees and Prodigals

Telling Our Kids the Best Story (Part 1)

Series Index: Telling Our Kids the Best Story God Loves His Little Pharisees and Prodigals Give Them Jesus, Not Morality Interpreting Stories With the Best Story Part 1 in a 4 part series. View series intro and index. The whole Bible is about Jesus. I say that a lot on this blog. Probably in every post, one way or another. I say it so much so that I wonder if people get bored. Oh yeah, here comes the Jesus card again. What could be more exciting than the preeminent and all-satisfying Treasure of the universe? The challenge, then, is to be creative and fresh in pointing to … Continue reading Telling Our Kids the Best Story (Part 1)

Dad, How Do You Prayer before Meals?

Dad, do you use meal times to simply repeat a rote prayer, offering up your “duty” for God? Are meal time prayers simply a time to say the refrain, “Thank you, God for this meal…bless us now”? I want to challenge you, Dad, to rethink your meal time prayers. It is so easy for me to slip into the “Thank you, Lord. Amen” prayer, especially if I am really hungry. That is not, however, how I can best lead my wife and daughter. Most of the spiritual instruction and formation that takes place in the home is not programmed or … Continue reading Dad, How Do You Prayer before Meals?