Your Leadership Priority: Relax!

One of my privileges as a pastor is to help small group leaders thrive. Over the past few weeks, I’ve thought about this question: “What is the one piece of advice you’d give to a small group leader?” What’s your answer? Here’s mine: Relax! Of course, be faithful to the Scriptures, preach the gospel, love people. Yes. Yes. Yes. Do that! But underneath these leadership tasks, are you depending on God or yourself? For so many of us who have a history in the American church of leading small groups, we are conditioned to be pressured and create pressure. We think that the success … Continue reading Your Leadership Priority: Relax!

Readers for Your Reading Pleasure

A while back I compiled a few “readers.” A “reader” is a compilation of shorter works (article, essay, blog, chapters, etc.) on a particular subject. Here are all four of them in one place. If you are a pastor, ministry leader, or just a curious person, you might find this list of resources helpful. These readers aren’t exhaustive, but if you have any other resources that you think are “must-reads,” let us know! A Church Leadership Reader A Gospel-Centered Reader A Pastoral Ministry Reader A Youth Ministry Reader Continue reading Readers for Your Reading Pleasure

Review: Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret

Larry Osborne. Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret: Why Serial Innovators Succeed Where Others Fail. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2013. $15.96 (Amazon). 176 pp. Larry Osborne’s latest book, Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret, was intriguing to me because in my new pastoral role, I know I’ll be doing some innovating in several areas. Thankfully, Osborne’s book proved to be a wealth of insight. Osborne wastes no time revealing the dirty little secret of innovation: most innovations fail (17). The rest of the book is Osborne’s attempt to help leaders not avoid failure altogether, but learn how to consistently take our people and organizations to new heights. … Continue reading Review: Innovation’s Dirty Little Secret

A Church Leadership Reader

Church leadership is also known as “polity.” Polity is the old, technical word for a form government. In a church context, it refers to the management, organization, and structures of authority (i.e. leadership). Here are several articles I have found helpful when it comes to church leadership/polity. What is the relationship between the elders and the church? – Mark Dever What is the difference between church elders and church staff? – 9Marks Q&A Leadership and Church Size Dynamics – Tim Keller (PDF) Elder Responsibilities – Bethlehem Baptist Church Elders Willing and Eager Pastoral Care and Governance – Tim Johnson The Value of Humble, … Continue reading A Church Leadership Reader

Some Things I’m Learning Right Now

I work full-time as a privately supported pastoral intern at my church.  I am coaching small group leaders and have duties with our small group ministry, but most of my days are consumed with learning.  Seminary will “officially” start on August 22 when I begin my first online class through Liberty Theological Seminary. But in reality, “seminary” has already begin.  Here are a few things God is teaching me right now: Make prayer integral and central to my life and ministry. Treasure Jesus, and when you don’t feel it, beg for it. Be organized. Soak up knowledge, but index it … Continue reading Some Things I’m Learning Right Now