Thoughts on Mission and Halloween

Here are some perspectives on Halloween from Christians: On Mission This Halloween – Jeff Vanderstelt What does a Christian need to know about Halloween? – James Harleman What are your thoughts on Halloween? – John Piper Sent into the Harvest: Halloween on Mission – David Mathis

Acts29 in Africa

Here’s a short video from Mars Hill about church planting in Africa.

The Gospel Coalition Network

I just joined The Gospel Coalition Network (TGCN).  The technology used is a free version of The City,  that was created by Mars Hill.  TGCN is a growing fellowship of Christian churches, organizations, and individuals who are committed to a certain kind of ministry —  that which is biblically-faithful and gospel-centered. The idea behind this…

Men, Grab Your Cup…You’ll Need It

Most men don’t know how to be men.  Honestly, most men are boys and they treat women like garbage.  Mark Driscoll preaches on 1 Peter 3:7 and talks about 8 different kinds of men he has observed.  It is particularly intense.  May God spur all of us men to be more conformed to the image…