The Cockiness of Conservatives

I have been looking for a way to express this for some time now. Thanks, again, to John Piper, for his articulate, weighty, passionate, biblical explanation.  The quote below comes from a sermon in 2004 called “Discerning the Will of God Concerning Homosexuality and Marriage.” Piper’s words are targeted at the conservative Evangelical movement. He is calling Christians to be radical and stand out and apart from that movement. As a Christian, with Christ-centered, biblical values, I find myself in tension here in America.  As I grow older and more mature (in my faith and in life in general) I … Continue reading The Cockiness of Conservatives

America, Christians, Glenn Beck, and the Gospel

Russell Moore writes about Christianity and American politics on his blog.  The problem isn’t the politicians or entertainers (like Glenn Beck, who inspired this post) or their banter.  The problem is Christian churches in the United States and how they respond.  Here’s a taste of Moore’s article: Too often, and for too long, American “Christianity” has been a political agenda in search of a gospel useful enough to accommodate it. There is a liberation theology of the Left, and there is also a liberation theology of the Right, and both are at heart mammon worship. The liberation theology of the … Continue reading America, Christians, Glenn Beck, and the Gospel

God is a Strong Tower

When I was younger and heard or read, “God is a strong tower,” my mind immediately went to an image like the one above.  What you are looking at is your run-of-the-mill state park viewing tower.  It’s actually not very strong.  It’s not very powerful.  It can’t actually protect you.  And it’s not very threatening, unless you fall on the steps and get cut by those nasty steel holes. Psalm 61:3 says, “For you have been my refuge, a strong tower against the enemy.”  When Scripture says that God is a “strong tower” it means that he is more like a … Continue reading God is a Strong Tower

Monday Musings

Here’s a few thoughts and links to start off the week: The Superbowl ads were kind of lame this year.  But VW’s SuperBowl commercial was the best, in my opinion. You heard it here last, but I bet Peyton Manning will be having literal nightmares about that 4th quarter pick-six for months. David Sills, a 13-year-old from Delaware commits to USC and Lane Kiffin for the class of 2015.  This whole situation represents everything that is wrong with college sports, recruiting, and sports marketing.  Here’s a video of Sills (I apologize for the terrible choice of music they used for … Continue reading Monday Musings