Blacklight by Tedashii

I am excited about this.  Tedashii releases his new studio album “Blacklight” on May 31.  It is now available for pre-order. If you order today you will get a free instant download of Tedashii’s first single “Riot” featuring Lecrae, C-Lite, Shane & Shane, PRo, KB,  and many more.  You can pre-order the CD, CD Deluxe, Vinyl, Blacklight Package…

Sho Baraka’s New Album

Sho Baraka’s new album Lions and Liars hits stores on March 30, 2010.  Make sure to watch this interview with Sho about the album and what’s going on with his life. (Feed reader users may have to click through to see the video.)

“Make War” by Tedashii

Here’s a 40-second sample of Tedashii’s song “Make War,” on his new album Identity Crisis, which was released today.  The speaking at the beginning is from John Piper in his sermon “How to Kill Sin.”

Identity Crisis by Tedashii

The sophomore album from Tedashii, Identity Crisis, drops on May 26.  I’ve been blessed to get a sneak-peak at the album courtesy of Reach Records. This is a true concept album, centering on the human crisis known as sin and the only true solution found in Christ.  In general, the album is very upbeat and…

Don’t Waste Your Life Music Video

Desiring God and Lecrae have teamed up to produce the “Don’t Waste Your Life” music video.  The song is featured on Lecrae’s album Rebel.  Unfortunately, the video does not contain Dwayne Tryumf’s (British hip-hop artist) verse that is on the album.  Still, it’s a solid video. Enjoy.

Go Hard or Go Home

Yesterday at Lincoln Berean Church, pastor Bryan Clark’s sermon was on sacrfice.  The focus was on sacrificing financially for the sake of ministries/churches that have a spiritual impact on you.  At the end of the message however, Bryan switched gears and simply talked about sacrificing your life.  He said he doesn’t know why anyone would…