Is a Sermon Incomplete Without Application?

This is not just a post for preachers. It’s for anyone who takes the Bible seriously. So many of us sit in the pews (or chairs) on Sundays waiting for the “most important” part of the sermon: the application. It’s so important that many preachers and many congregants think that unless a sermon gives you a “to do” list, it is incomplete. The problem, of course, is that Christianity is not a “go and do” religion. There are obviously exhortations and commands to follow, and some sermons need to say, “You just need to do this if you are a … Continue reading Is a Sermon Incomplete Without Application?

Getting to Christ in the Old Testament

Part 7 in a 10 part series. View series intro and index. In the most recent post in our series (back in September!), we talked about how Jesus is the Word made flesh; that is, he is God’s perfect word communicated to humans. In this post, we will examine how to actually “get to Jesus” during a devotional time when reading the Old Testament. A word of caution: this is a long post and some of it may seem “academic.” Hang in there. The fruit that will come from implementing this into your devotions will be worth it. In Scripture, ultimately Christ is the God-Man who … Continue reading Getting to Christ in the Old Testament