Write Again

In eleven years of publishing posts on this site, I had only missed posting seven months. Seven. In eleven years. And most of those months off were taken off by design because of various seasons of life. But then 2018 came. We moved back to Nebraska, after having moved twice in the previous year. We’ve settled in to a new home. We’ve rekindled old friendships and started new ones. We’ve joined a new church and a new team. We’ve discovered our oldest daughter has autism. We’ve learned about sensory processing issues with our kids. For Carly and me, we’ve learned about … Continue reading Write Again

Work is Not the Curse…but It Is Cursed

In my last post, we saw that all work when done to the glory of God is sacred. There is no such thing as “sacred” work (like the work of a pastor) and “secular” work (like the work of a engineer or lawyer). We get tastes of the beauty and sacredness of work in this life. However, our world is more like Genesis 3 than Genesis 1-2. Sin has brought a curse upon everything—even our work. In Genesis 3, right after Adam and Even disobey God for the first time, God issues a judgment to them. He says to Eve, … Continue reading Work is Not the Curse…but It Is Cursed

Pastoral Environment and the Fight for Holiness

My heart was deeply saddened yesterday when I heard about another resignation of a well-known pastor of a mega-church. This time, it was Tullian Tchividjian, pastor at Coral Ridge in Miami. This came about, he said, because of ongoing marital issues. His wife admitted to adultery. He developed an “inappropriate relationship” with someone in the aftermath of the news from his wife. God is grieved by this, that church will be greatly affected, and two people (Tullian and his wife) must deal with the destructive effects of sin. It breaks my heart. But I believe God is gracious and he can bring redemption to … Continue reading Pastoral Environment and the Fight for Holiness

A TED Talk That Raises More Questions Than It Answers

In this five minute TED talk, commentator David Brooks provides some penetrating insights into the human condition. The contemplative listener will rightly respond to Brooks’s talk by asking, “Well, how does that happen?! How do I experience that salvation? Where does that forgiveness come from? I am powerless to wrestle with my sins and win! O, who will deliver me from this body of death?!” There’s only one answer. Unfortunately, he doesn’t give it. Watch his short TED talk now. Continue reading A TED Talk That Raises More Questions Than It Answers

Bo Pelini, Self-Deception, and the Gospel

  In a closed-door meeting just a few days after he was fired as head coach at Nebraska, Bo Pelini addressed the Husker players. On Thursday the Omaha World Herald released an audio recording of that meeting. (Warning: the audio on this link contains extreme profanity.) Pelini spoke with the team for about 30 minutes and insulted Athletic Director Shawn Eichorst several times. Pelini did not speak well of the university, the administration, or the leadership culture in the athletic department. If you know anything about Nebraska football and Bo Pelini (and I don’t expect readers of this blog to know anything), you quickly realized that this … Continue reading Bo Pelini, Self-Deception, and the Gospel

Stand On Your Head for Joy!

I get the privilege of preaching God’s word to our congregation every so often, about once per month. When I preach, I will do my best to post a snippet from my manuscript (it will not always be exactly what I say!) here on the blog with a link to the full audio. In my first two weeks at Grace Chapel, I preached twice. Here’s a portion of my first sermon, “A Father and Two Sons” from Luke 15:11-32. So Jesus leaves the story open-ended. What will the elder brother do? He ends it there to leave the Pharisees and us longing … Continue reading Stand On Your Head for Joy!