Why should I believe Jesus rose from the dead?

What is the meaning of Easter and how was it understood by the early Christians? What are some reasons people should believe in the resurrection of Jesus? John Dickson, an Australian scholar, talks a bit about this:  . HT: Centre for Public Christianity

I’m not sure Jesus is God! What do I do?

“I’m not sure Jesus is God! What do I do?” Perhaps you have heard this from a friend, or even said it yourself. It’s a legitimate concern and question that deserves a legitimate answer. It does no good to answer, “Well, the Bible says so, so you better believe it.” If we’re honest, there are…

Why Is That Preacher So Skeptical?!

Many of us have read Ecclesiastes and have been blown away at how negative it is. Incredibly negative. Unbelievably negative. Depressingly negative.While the author of Ecclesiastes is skeptical, however, it’s clear from the book itself that “the Preacher” (Eccl. 1:1) is not on par with modern atheistic nihilists. A nihilist argues that nothing has meaning….