Wilderness Worship

“Wilderness is still the place of worship.”  – Michael Card, A Sacred Sorrow Everything Jeremiah knows and loves is gone. The enemy has come into his city—God’s city–to steal, kill, and destroy. To him, the world is ending. He mourns the destruction of his nation in the Old Testament book of Lamentations. There, he uses horrific word-pictures to articulate what he sees and to express what he feels. We, particularly North Americans, aren’t used to these graphic laments. They are shocking—God is like a bear lying in wait. Upsetting—God points his arrows at his own people. Even gross—mothers resort to boiling … Continue reading Wilderness Worship

Another Thought on Suicide

The world is not impressed when Christians experience a suicide and have their ultimate joy depleted in sake of living in sorrow and using God as a teddy bear for comfort.  The world is impressed when Christians experience a suicide and say, “Jesus is enough.  He is my shelter.  He will give me hope.  I will cling to him.  And even in tragedy and despair,  he is utterly satisfing and I will rejoice, for he is good.” Continue reading Another Thought on Suicide