Sharing Jesus’ message or his love?

I was sitting in a hotel lounge in Johannesburg during a meeting for a mission trip I lead about this time last year. I had arranged for one of the local staff members, Karl, to come and talk about native African religions, and how to properly approach that topic with African people. He began his…

Robben Island Prison and Soccer

I have been following the World Cup fairly closely this time around since I lived in South Africa last year. The New York Times has written a wonderful article about Robben Island Prison and the soccer league that developed for the inmates. Here are some pictures from when I visited Robben Island.

The stories you won’t read about will matter the most.

I used to hate soccer.  I thought it was for Europeans who didn’t have the coordination to play American sports.  Then I lived in South Africa and was continually schooled by kids half my age who did things with a soccer ball with their feet that I can’t even do with my hands.  After a…

Soccer is for wimps…try rugby.

Sorry I’ve been silent for a while.  In honor of the World Cup that starts June 11, I thought this would be a fitting video — or maybe not so fitting? HT: Abraham Piper