One Thought on the C.J. Mahaney Issue

For those of you who are not aware, some severe charges have been leveled against C.J. Mahaney. These charges can be summed up in one word: pride. Tim Challies has written a helpful reflection on the situation and how Christians should respond.  Ligon Duncan also pens his reflection and he includes some links that will help you catch up on the story. My only thought is personal: I am asking the Lord to keep me from any appearance of pride, specifically a resistance in my heart to correction and rebuke. I have been deeply troubled by these sins in my life because they … Continue reading One Thought on the C.J. Mahaney Issue

The Real Reason We Want to Kill Pride

C.J. Mahaney on why the Christian should kill his pride: So many human ventures, so many grand designs of mankind, have been undermined because humility was lacking on the part of those involved…our motivation for rooting out pride must go beyond a knowledge of its pitfalls and perils.  Our pursuit should be driven by the amazing promise that humility holds out to us: God gives grace to the humble! – Humility: True Greatness (p. 24) Continue reading The Real Reason We Want to Kill Pride