March is over, but the madness moves on

Baseball’s opening day and the NCAA Men’s National Championship are today, and the Masters golf tournament starts on Thursday. I’m sure many men in this country will have sports overload this week (albeit probably a welcome overload). My crystal ball says: The Chicago Cubs will be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention by Saturday evening. Tiger Woods will not make the cut at Augusta, but will answer at least 138 questions about regarding how many therapy sessions it took before he considered himself a recovered sex addict. Manny Ramirez will go on record before next Monday saying that he hates Los Angeles and can’t … Continue reading March is over, but the madness moves on

Tiger Woods: “I have a lot to atone for.”

Tiger Woods made a short statement today.  He spoke for about 14 minutes.  He talked a lot about his selfishness and foolishness.  He said he has bitterly disappointed everyone in that press room.  Here are some quotes from Woods during the conference: “I’m ashamed to have put you [my friends and business partners] in this position.” “I have a lot to atone for.” “Elin has shown enormous grace and poise in this ordeal.” “I thought I could get rid of whatever I wanted to…I thought normal rules didn’t apply to me.” “I felt I was entitled [to temptations].  Thanks to … Continue reading Tiger Woods: “I have a lot to atone for.”

What Tiger Woods Needs Most

I didn’t want this to be my first real post since returning from South Africa, but I couldn’t help it after I heard the news about Tiger Woods.  Yesterday, Omaha World Herald columnist Tom Shatel wrote a short blog about Tiger.  In the post, Shatel said: [The media] weren’t there for Mickey Mantle or Paul Hornung or the countless other sports heroes who hopped from bed to bed. Nobody knew. Nobody cared. The press took better care of them. That’s the way it goes. But if a kid wants a role model, it should be his parents. Will this stick … Continue reading What Tiger Woods Needs Most