Galatians for You Review

Tim Keller. Galatians for You. Good Book Company, 2013. $15.63 (on Amazon). 199 pp. In his newest book, Galatians for You, Tim Keller wants readers to have the powerful message of Galatians explode in their hearts. Why? Galatians is all about the gospel, and the gospel is something everyone needs everyday. Galatians for You is the first in a series being published by The Good Book company out of the U.K. These books are meant to serve as a guide to understanding books of the Bible, as devotional helps, or as a leader’s guide for preaching or small group study. I’m excited … Continue reading Galatians for You Review

Getting to Christ in the Old Testament

Part 7 in a 10 part series. View series intro and index. In the most recent post in our series (back in September!), we talked about how Jesus is the Word made flesh; that is, he is God’s perfect word communicated to humans. In this post, we will examine how to actually “get to Jesus” during a devotional time when reading the Old Testament. A word of caution: this is a long post and some of it may seem “academic.” Hang in there. The fruit that will come from implementing this into your devotions will be worth it. In Scripture, ultimately Christ is the God-Man who … Continue reading Getting to Christ in the Old Testament

The Gospel in All of Life

Part 3 in a 10 part series. View series intro and index. It is not just enough to know conceptually that every text is a road to Christ. It’s also not enough to know how to set up a devotional time. After all, intellectual knowledge never saved anyone from hell and creating a good devo plan hasn’t either. The only hope for the world is the gospel–the fact that God entered creation in the person of Jesus Christ and has accomplished redemption for his people through Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection from the dead. It’s not uncommon for Christians … Continue reading The Gospel in All of Life

The Reason for God (Chapter 2)

These are direct quotes from the book. If it is my paraphrase, it will marked by an asterisk (*) after the page number. Chapter 2: How Could a Good God Allow Suffering? Just because you can’t see or imagine a good reason why God might allow something to happen doesn’t mean there can’t be [a God]. Again we see lurking within supposedly hard-nosed skepticism an enormous faith in one’s own cognitive faculties. If our minds can’t plumb the depths of the universe for good answers to suffering, well, then, there can’t be any! This is blind faith of a high order. (23-24) … Continue reading The Reason for God (Chapter 2)

The Reason for God (Chapter 1)

I recently finished Tim Keller’s The Reason for God and over the next several weeks, I’ll be reviewing and summarizing each chapter. I know this book is a few years old, so these posts are more intended to help me remember what I read. Most of these posts will simply be direct quotes from the book. If it is my paraphrase, it will marked by an asterisk (*) after the page number.

At the same time, I hope these chapter reviews will 1) benefit Christians to help them form intellectual arguments for their faith and 2) challenge non-Christians to think more deeply about the nature and reality of God, his word, and the world. So let’s get into chapter 1.

Chapter 1: There Can’t Be Just One True Religion

During my nearly two decades in New York City, I’ve had numerous opportunities to ask people, “What is your biggest problem with Christianity?”…One of the most frequent answers I have heard over the years can be summed up in one word: exclusivity. (p. 3)

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