What I Learned from Not Being on Social Media for 6 Weeks

During the six weeks of Lent this year, I took a hiatus from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I always tell people it’s good for the soul to get off social media because social media is, well, about you. It’s like a detox for the self-absorbed soul. Here’s are three things I learned/was reminded of during the past six weeks. Being free from social media reminds me that I do not need to stay updated on everything that is happening in the world—big or small. The world goes on whether or not I know everything (imagine that!). Social media deceives us into thinking that we … Continue reading What I Learned from Not Being on Social Media for 6 Weeks

Justification by Tweet

Late last week, I tweeted something that I thought was pretty funny, clever, and theologically informed. (The Tweet has since been deleted, and I won’t tell you what I wrote. The content of the tweet isn’t important and it won’t benefit anyone if I repeat it here.) I came home later that day and after talking to Carly she gently rebuked me about my Tweet. She said, “You know, that was really unnecessary. You kind of seemed like the theology police.” What happened next can only be attributed to the Holy Spirit: I had this overwhelming sense that I actually needed … Continue reading Justification by Tweet

Lunchtime Thoughts on Sunday

“It isn’t pollution that’s harming the environment. It’s the impurities in our air and water that are doing it.” (Al Gore) I love this note from Desiring God about not making Piper a substitute for your own church: “While we encourage you to join us for the sermon, we encourage you even more to give primary attention to the preaching in your local church. In other words, we do not intend for John Piper’s sermon to replace the preaching of the Word from your pastor in your local church.” I listened to the Rob Bell sermon I mentioned a couple days … Continue reading Lunchtime Thoughts on Sunday

Social Networking Repentance

My latest Tweet said this: Twitter repentance: The flesh wants to impress people by saying something memorable in 140 characters or less. Jesus died for that sin too. I think with blogging, the same can be true.  Sometimes I blog just to look cool and sound smart.  Other times I really do have a passion to share something that grips me, but more often than not, I wonder, “Will they like what I write?” So often, good things become ultimate things.  Jesus died for social networking sins, too.  O praise him for that! *     *     * Related Posts: Four Reasons … Continue reading Social Networking Repentance

Four Reasons I Tweet

This past week I’ve been experimenting with Twitter.  I’m going to continue with it — for these reasons (in no particular order): It can help with overcoming verbosity (which I often struggle with). It helps me quickly reflect on what God brings to my mind as the days goes on. I want to do my part to redeem social media by making it as Christ-exalting and Bible-saturated as I possibly can. Everything created by God is good (even Twitter), and nothing is to be rejected if it’s received with thanksgiving (1 Tim. 4:4). My Twitter motto is, “Don’t waste your … Continue reading Four Reasons I Tweet