6 Ways to Be Middle Class and Mission-Minded

Here are six straightforward ideas to challenge middle (and upper) class Americans to reject opulence and excess while building the kingdom of God: Keep your high paying job and give the majority of your income away by living in a small house (not every kid deserves their own room) and driving modest cars (Chevy gets you there just as well as Lexus). Use your vacation time to go on a short term mission trip with your church or missions organization. Host international students from the local college or university during weekends or holidays. Start or join an urban ministry reaching … Continue reading 6 Ways to Be Middle Class and Mission-Minded

Widows, Remarriage, and Gospel Community

My sister asked me yesterday about 1 Timothy 5 and Paul’s rules for remarriage.  I had never really “studied” this passage before, but I figured I’d post my thoughts here in case some of you had questions as well.  She and her fiance emailed me this question: We both understand that basically Paul is saying that, in his opinion, to stay unmarried is better for the sake of Christ, but if you feel the need to get married, it’s okay.  However, for me…if I were reading this while in that predicament, I would feel a bit judged.  I feel like … Continue reading Widows, Remarriage, and Gospel Community